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Greenfields FT 60 NE-Slide


2019 Blatná - Soccer field with UMT

2019 Blatná - Soccer field with UMT

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2019 Žďár nad Sázavou

2019 Žďár nad Sázavou - reconstruction of the sports complex of the elementary school Švermova...

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Bratislava – ZŠ Ružová Dolina

Bratislava – ZŠ Ružová Dolina – PORPLASTIC EP

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Greenfields FT 60 NE-Slide

Combined lawn (3rd generation) with combined topping of silica sand and SBR (recycled rubber) granulate designed for football fields. It truly simulates the characteristics of a natural lawn. Certificate FIFA 1*


Number of stitches per 1 m2: approx.7 000 Weight per 1 square meter without silica sand: approx.2,3 kg Material: 100% Polyethylene, UV stabilized, straight, fibrillated (several fibres), fibre height 60 mm


Level values +- 4 mm per 2 m. Water permeable sub-base of stone crushes, respectively asphalt carpet or smoothed concrete area. There can be also used elastic mats for flexibility improvement. Gradient setting 0,5 - 1 % from one side of the playground to the other side. Surface water de-watering to a spout or a channel with grid. It is possible to use drainage asphalt carpet. Gradient setting 0%.


Artificial lawn is freely distributed on prepared surface - the lawn is supplied in rolls made to measure directly from the production plant. These parts are applied one next to the other and the connection is sub-glued. Then, cutting of playing lines follows. Finally, the whole area is topped with a mixture of silica sand and rubber granulate, that must be put - using a brush - approximately to 70% of the artificial fibre height.

Floor characteristics

The resulting surface is elastic, resistant to weather influences, water permeable, easy to be maintained. It is suitable for football shoes with pins. Colour design of the playing area: green. Lines: white, yellow

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