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Porplastic EP


2019 Blatná - Soccer field with UMT

2019 Blatná - Soccer field with UMT

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2019 Žďár nad Sázavou

2019 Žďár nad Sázavou - reconstruction of the sports complex of the elementary school Švermova...

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Bratislava – ZŠ Ružová Dolina

Bratislava – ZŠ Ružová Dolina – PORPLASTIC EP

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Porplastic EP

Certified for DIN 18035/6: Type C, attested according to IAAF

Single-layer PUR/EPDM surface, water permeable.

High quality elastic surface, designed for multi-purpose outdoor sport fields, ideal for tennis courts and school athletic tracks, thick. 10 mm


Elastic layer, applied directly on site using a special finisher, with thickness of 10 mm. It consists of polyurethane bonding agent and EPDM full-colour granulate (rubber resistant to all and any weather influences).


Level values according to standard +- 2 mm per 2 m. Ideally drainage asphalt carpet. Alternatively asphalt ABJ impermeable or concrete. (Mainly in case of smaller areas. Gradient setting 0,5 - 1 % from one side of the playground to the other side. Surface water de-watering to a spout or a channel with grid.


The asphalt or concrete base is penetrated. Then, there is prepared a mixture of EPDM granulate with fraction 1 - 3 mm and polyurethane bonding agent. The mixture is applied in front of the finisher that performs installation of the surface. Then lining of play fields follows.

Floor characteristics

The resulting surface is permanently elastic, resistant to weather influences, easy to be maintained. Colour design standard: brick red, green (optionally even other colours). The surface is water permeable. It is resistant to tips of athletic track shoes from 6 do 9 mm. It meets requirements of the standard DIN 18035 / 6. Power damping: 37%. Permeability including sub-base: approx 130 l / 1 hour.

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